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butnow's Journal

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but now
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this is my fictional graduation party. in the end, the wall fell and I breathed a sigh of relief and we had (fake) champagne with sand in it. I put things off endlessly and run to see plays with a few minutes to spare. sometimes I sleep until it's dark and sometimes stay up until it's light, and I guess that's bad. but the ghost of my dead cat came for a visit one night and I woke in the twilight and cried happy tears. and moments of clarity give me chills and brothers saying, "I love you so much I could burst into flames" to each other and secretly listening to choirs in corridors.

so yeah, I'm a girl (of sorts) and twenty-something and probably will no longer live for long periods of time in the country where I was born and I join student unions because they have fireplaces and take extra languages as a guilty pleasure and have already filled my bookcase. my mother's a librarian and thinks I read too much. secretly I dream of things like pretty dresses and brunch in a café and places like -- (shh) and reading newspapers, and less secretly of things like baking&places I've never seen&running away. and I have a love affair with fiction.

I'm haunted by foxes.

and somehow it happens that we both exist, so maybe you would like to be friends?

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